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Lovech (Bulgarian: Ловеч, romanized: Lovech, pronounced [ˈɫɔvɛt͡ʃ]; is a city in north-central Bulgaria. It is the administrative centre of the Lovech Province and of the subordinate Lovech Municipality. The city is located about 150 kilometres (93 miles) northeast from the capital city of Sofia. Near Lovech are the towns of Pleven, Troyan and Teteven.



Lovech is situated in the Forebalkan area of northern Bulgaria, on both sides of the river Osam, and unifies both mountainous and plain relief. The eastern part of the town is surrounded by a 250 m high plateau, where the largest park in Lovech, Stratesh, is located, and the southwestern part is surrounded by the hills Hisarya and Bash Bunar. In the northwest the relief gradually changes to the plains of the neighbouring Pleven Province. The average altitude of Lovech is about 200 m above mean sea level. The highest point of the town is Akbair Hill at 450 m.

In Stratesh Park, the highest place in the town, there are a great number of lilac bushes, easily seen from the whole town, which are a wonderful view in the spring. Due to this, Lovech is well known as the town of the lilacs.

Main sights

The Covered Bridge connecting the two parts of town.
Buildings along the Osam
Semi-Panoramic photo of the Russo-Turkish War monument in Lovech before its restoration in 2017.

The Tinkov house (
The Covered Bridge by Kolyu Ficheto
The monument of Vasil Levski
The monuments to Russian soldiers killed in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78
The Varosha old town part
Stratesh Park with Lovech Zoo, the biggest zoo in the province
Bash Bunar Park
The baroque buildings in the town’s central parts
The Varosha architectural and historical reserve, with Drasova and Rashova memorial houses


Lovech Drama Theatre
Theatre by the Nauka Community Centre
The summer theatre in Stratesh Park


Museum of Vasil Levski
Lovech Historical Museum
Drasova Memorial House
Rashova Memorial House
Saint Kliment Ohridski School.



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