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Maglizh (Bulgarian: Мъглиж) is a town in Stara Zagora Province, South-central Bulgaria. It is the administrative centre of the homonymous Maglizh Municipality. As of December 2009, the town has a population of 3,426 inhabitants.


Maglizh is located in the Kazanlak Valley at the foothills of the Balkan Mountains.


Maglizh has one of the richest collections of ores and minerals in Bulgaria. It was donated to the city by Academician Yovcho Smilov Yovchev, originally from Maglizh. The collection is on display in the community center.
Exhibition of paintings by artists from Maglizh, and paintings on silk by the young artists of the city can be seen in the children’s center – in the building of the cinema 3rd floor.


“Skokovete” – thus are called the two waterfalls that are located on the “Selchenska” River, descending through a picturesque gorge above the town of Maglizh. The falls were declared a natural wonder in 1965. The “Golemia Skok”(The Big Drop) waterfall is located about 40 minutes away along fearsome cliffs, shady glades and pools, and after crossing the river several times. Its height is 15 m. The “Malkia Skok”(The Little Drop) is a fall before the big fall and is a small pool formed by a drop. Vinishki Rock Nature Reserve, where an icon dedicated to The Holy Trinity has been carved into the cliff. It is a rock formation above the Maglizhki monastery, to the north. A large cross was erected on top of the rock, visible from afar. Suitable for rock climbing.


Maglishka tomb – belongs to the architectural style of the domed tombs. It is a cultural monument of national importance. In the summer of 1965, about 3 km west of Maglizh, in connection with the construction of an industrial facility, was conducted an excavation of Thracian burial mound with a height of 13 m, and a diameter of 48 m. It is part of a large necropolis, located over a large area to the southern slopes of the mountain, and one of the many tombs in The Valley of the Thracian Rulers. Memorial monument to those who died in battle. The monument is located in the central square of the city. It represents an inclined structure coated with dark gray marble and dark green granite. It consists of four parts – three are marble and thereon are inscribed the names of the 166 residents from the city who have lost their lives during World War I, the Balkan Wars, and World War II. The 4th part – granite, has an embossed honorary sign and the inscriptions “Bulgaria, they died for you …” and “From the grateful descendants of the town of Maglizh.”

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