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Kovachevitsa (Bulgarian: Ковачевица; also transliterated Kovačevica) is a village in Garmen Municipality, in Blagoevgrad Province, Bulgaria.

The village is situated in the Dabrash part of the Rhodope Mountains in the steep valley of the Kanina river, 9 kilometers north of Garmen, 71 kilometers southeast of Blagoevgrad and 119 kilometers southeast of Sofia.



The architecture of the houses is original and unique. Most of them were built in the second half of the 19th century, but there are also new houses, built in the same style. The village was designated an “Architectural and Historical Reserve of National Importance” in 1977. Many Bulgarian movies have been filmed there.


There are many guest-houses and restaurants in the traditional style. The village itself is not the only place of interest. There are many natural sites in the Rhodopes and in the valley of the Kanina river. Tourists can visit Leshten – another historical village in the area – as well as the Natural reserve “Temnata gora” and many other places in Garmen Municipality.




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