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Photos and pictures from Botanical Garden in Varna Bulgaria

Photos from Botanical Garden in Varna  Bulgaria

Botanical Garden in Varna harmony of artificial and natural ecosystems. It was created in 1977 within the existing nursery and on May 11, 2002 is open to visitors. The total area of the park is 90 acres. The park offers a variety of exotic trees and shrubs - more than 250 species from four continents as follows: Europe-123 species, Asia - 87 species, North America - 40 species.

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Photos and pictures from Aquapark Golden Sands near to Varna Bulgaria

Photos from Aquapark Golden Sands

Aquapark Golden Sands is located in the northwestern part of the resort, the road from the resort St St Konstantin and Elena to Kranevo village. Water Park is located in the woods with a unique view of the sea and the entire resort. Built on an area of 40,000 m2, it combines a natural park environment with a number of artificially created elements - pools, water slides, Jacuzzi, fountains and waterfalls ancient towers.

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Photos and pictures from village Kamen Bryag

Photos from village Kamen Bryag

If you are looking for peace and quiet away from the stress and rhythm weekdays, if you look close to the traditions and lifestyle and a place with unique natural resources, select Kamen Bryag! The village has a hundred houses that recall the idyll of rural life with the green terraces of Loznitsa colorful flower gardens and abundance of fruits and vegetables. Here you will meet people with surprising warmth, spontaneity and hospitality. Kamen Bryag is a combination of sea blue-green iridescent colors with a beautiful view and fresh air. Thousands of years people live here in harmony with nature and kept untouched beauty spots and an incredible variety of plants and animals in combination with cultural - historical monuments.

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